Thanks to POCA Tech Contributors

Our POCA Tech fundraiser has been a big success. We raised about $750 in December through mostly donations of five to fifteen dollars. Thank you all so much for contributing, and for moving us all a step closer to making an affordable acupuncture school happen so we can train the future punks we so desperately need to keep community acupuncture strong and growing.

Thanks to: Jean M, Laura BL., Loretta A, Steve Z, Mary D, Karen L, Ted S, Joan N, Shawn O, Alycia M, Karlo B, Lehlohorolo M, Sarah M, Gail A, Laura G, Barbara P, Anne S, Lucille R, Karyl C, Juan D, Kari T, Kathy K, Natalie J, Donna D, Forest M, Ana Christina, Barbara T, Anthony A, Bob W, Terry L, Ashley T, Robert A, Lucille R, Carmen C, Arthur L, Lori O, Steve M, Mary H, Beth T, Aimee M, Laura R, Liz A, Gale G, Deirdre H, Alan B, Louella H, Bob S, Sue b, Jim S, Susan H, Emma S, Gregory S.

Comments posted here appear on our website. Please call 401-272-2288 if you need to make a scheduling change. We do not schedule or cancel appointments via this comment section. Thanks!

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