Shout it OUT!

Word of Mouth is our most powerful marketing tool

 Word of Mouth is our most powerful marketing tool

One of the most common things we hear from our patients is that someone else told them about our clinic.  Word of Mouth is our most powerful tool for getting the word out that affordable acupuncture is here in Providence, … and now West Warwick.  Our brand new space at Thundermist Health Center in West Warwick has just been open a couple of weeks and we’ve all been busy tweaking things to create another warm and peaceful space where people can rest and mend together.  Some of the folks coming to the new clinic are being sent by Thundersmist Health Center- the hosts for the W. Warwick clinic.  Thank you Thundermist!

But we need all of you- who know and love PCA to spread the word to folks you know about our new site.  Click here for location and hours information.

As a benefit to Thundermist Patients and Employees we have an expanded sliding scale in West Warwick of  $5 to $25 with a new patient fee of $5.  For everyone else we’re offering the same sliding scale we use in Providence of $15 to $35 with a new patient fee of $10.

Right now however, we’re doing a special 2 for 1 at our West Warwick location on Mondays until the end of the year.  That means you can bring a new person with you for FREE!

We really need all of your help to make this new clinic grow and thrive like our Providence clinic.  We decided to open up a second clinic there because Thundermist approached us with this idea, and offered us a deal on the space that we couldn’t refuse.  Our mission is to bring affordable and accessible acupuncture to as many people as we can- so it just was natural that we would do this.

You’ll find all of your favorite acu-punks and front desk staff out in West Warwick too. Our hours out there are currently Mondays 3 to 6 pm, Tuesdays and Fridays 10 to 1 pm.  We will be adding hours as the clinic grows and hope to do that soon so that we can offer convenient times for a range of people.

Please tell someone today about our new clinic- our success depends on it.  Thanks!

Coming soon pictures (and maybe video!) of our new space!

2 responses to “Shout it OUT!

  1. My car was towed from your completely empty parking lot at 12:30 A.M. while i was singing with a band and having a great time. i will having nothing but bad things to say about ur establishment. is someone actually monitoring the lot and gleefully calling the tow guys? u must make a lot of dough from that. u are a terrible business for that area. stick a needle in your eye!

    • Hi Theresa,
      So sorry to hear that your car got towed. We have nothing to do with that. Our landlord made an agreement with the towing company, who I suspect sends a truck around to make rounds after hours. In fact even our own cars have been towed from the lot after hours. Now we don’t park there when we’re at Nick-A-Nees either. You’d never find us hanging out and calling the tow truck on our neighbors.

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