18,408 Treatments!!!

for websiteThat’s how many treatments we did in 2013 at PCA!

Thank you to all of you for supporting affordable acupuncture for everyone.  We look forward to serving even more people in the coming year both at our location in Providence and at our new location in West Warwick.
Update on the new location:  We opened there just 8 weeks ago and are ready to add Wednesday evenings 3 to 7 starting 1/15.

We also are planning an event at our West Warwick clinic for Wednesday evening 2/26.  Details coming.



3 responses to “18,408 Treatments!!!

  1. WOW!!!! That is a 20% increase in one year!!! Way to go PCA!!!!!
    If my fuzzy math is right, that is 5 per hour ,for 10 hours a day, for seven days a week , for twelve months straight! That is a LOT of pokes, folks!!!

  2. Hi Chris and everyone! What a fine article I’ve just read, all about you-all and your philosophy of medicine for everyone. In fact the whole series, or what I’ve read so far, is something RI needs to hear. Maybe the Projo will come knocking next.
    I haven’t been in in a while and it’s good to know you are succeeding and growing. Congratulations too on opening a West Warwick office with Thundermist. That seems amazing.
    My best to you all. Happy New Year!
    Marcia Pena
    PS I sent this to your old email – info@providencecommunityacupuncture.net but it came back as refused. i guess you don’t use that any more?

    • Hi Marcia,
      Nice to hear from you. We’re loving our new clinic in West Warwick and keeping busy on the old home front here in Providence. Current clinic email is posted in the website. (I won’t put it here because spam-bots will see it!)

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