Providence Community Acupuncture  (PCA) is one of many community acupuncture clinics throughout the USA and worldwide. We belong to a cooperative called People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). PCA is a POCA clinic member and many of our staff, punks, and patients are members of POCA coop too!

We want  you to know this because while you’re peacefully snoozing in one of our recliners, you might think of a friend in Boston, MA or a relative in Boise, ID who would also benefit from affordable acupuncture.

POCA coop is working hard to make new clinics a reality. We really want  there to be clinics in the places where you know people.  To see where POCA clinics are located visit  www.pocacoop.com and click on the “Clinics” tab.

Next month POCA Coop will be doing one of it’s 2 annual membership drives.

Providence Community Acupuncture will be hosting a May Day (May 1st) kick-off event for the membership drive with free treatments for all POCA members on Wednesday May 1st. You can sign up on line at any time, and we’ll have someone on  hand to help with online sign-ups on May 1st as well.

Then in June we will be running a $10 treatment special for all POCA members.

Supporting POCA Coop– Free treatments for POCA members May 1st, and a $10 special all during June… just 3 more great reasons to join POCA coop.

Visit here to learn more and to join: www.pocacoop.com/join-patientcom


Comments posted here appear on our website. Please call 401-272-2288 if you need to make a scheduling change. We do not schedule or cancel appointments via this comment section. Thanks!

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