Now It’s REAL!

For many of you who have been coming to PCA for a while you might remember a little fundraiser we did with lego blocks to help raise money for what was then just the first twinkling of was has now become POCA Tech. POCA Tech opened its doors this past September in Portland, Oregon. Next week POCA Tech’s students and faculty will meet for Module 5 of 10 for year 1!!! Members of POCA Tech’s first class come from all over the country including right here in Rhode Island. We are so proud of PCA friend and POCA member James Shelton.
Thanks to POCA Tech Contributors

POCA Tech is now accepting application for its second class which will start in September 2015. Perhaps one of you reading this will be part of POCA Tech’s next class…visit for application information.

In the meantime, PCA and the other 180+ POCA clinics across the country are continuing to help support our Coop’s training efforts by offering support through the POCA Tech Sustainers program, or any number of other giving programs or direct contribtions. POCA Tech is a 501c3 and donations are tax-deductable. Visit this link for more information on how you can support POCA Tech.

1st day of school


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