June Happenings

There are a few specials happening around here this month:junehappen
POCA FEST IS COMING!!! Maybe you’ve noticed the signs around the clinic for POCA Fest? We’re hosting this weekend long event in North Scituate, RI next weekend June 12-14th. Workshops, free treatments at the onsite clinic, time to hangout and play with punks, receptors, POCA members and volunteers from Community Clinics throughout New England and across North America.

Saturday workshops: Trauma Sensitivity, Working with Volunteers, Community Acupuncture and Families (panel discussion)

Sunday: Social Business, From Patient to POCA member, The Ragged Edge of Community Acupuncture Innovation- come hear how clinics are going non-profit, worker owned, etc.

If you’d like to come register online here or talk to one of us about getting registered. Saturday or Sunday one-day pass is $30-60 (includes lunch and free treatment at the POCA Fest onsite clinic.)

Thursdays in June 2 for 1 Special:

Thursdays during the month of June existing patients can bring in a NEW PERSON for FREE. Free treatment is for New Person’s first appointment only.
Please call us to set up appointments for you and a newbie.

School Teacher’s Special From June 22 through June 30th:

$10 treatments for Teachers 

Sunday June 21st: DAD 2 for 1
Existing patients bring your Dad, Grand-dad, or someone’s Dad in for FREE
(“Dad” must be new to PCA)
Call to set up your appointments for you and a Dad.


2 responses to “June Happenings

  1. This is for Chris from Barry Marshall. Chris, I would love to be able to get acupuncture at PCA, but the recliners just screw up my back when i use them. I just do better flat. You don’t have any massage tables? Any simple solution? I could bring my own air mattress or a pad.

    • Hi Barry- We would love to have you come in. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work with our set-up to have anyone lying on the floor. We don’t have any massage tables available either. We have 20 chairs of all different sizes and firmness. My suggestion would be to try all of the chairs to see if one of the more upright ones would feel better for you. If you had a firm back pillow like the kind sometimes used in cars, that might help support your back enough in the recliner. Sorry that those are the only solutions that I can offer. I hope that one of them might work for you. Thanks for commenting- Cris

Comments posted here appear on our website. Please call 401-272-2288 if you need to make a scheduling change. We do not schedule or cancel appointments via this comment section. Thanks!

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