Bob’s Favorite Four Letter Word (or Why Join POCA?)

Guest post from Bob W., longtime PCA patient and President of the POCA Board of Directors

I joined POCA because of my favorite 4 letter word.

It wasn’t enough that through community acupuncture, I found a way to obtain affordable, professional, compassionate, and effective healthcare, I wanted more!

Being able to go to one clinic to obtain these benefits was not enough, I wanted more!!

Paying less than a standard health insurance co-pay was not good enough for me, I wanted more!

And then, on my way to the treatment room, I spotted the colorful flier on the bulletin board. And like a moth to a light, it pulled me in. There it was, my favorite word, in big bold letters, FREE!! I found my “more”!! WhooHoo!!

FREE Treatment on my birthday,  FREE treatments for friends and family, FREE newsletters. And there was more!  My clinic also offered FREE treatments on certain days, 2 for one deal days, reduced fee days, and an array of other enticing tidbits just for joining a group called POCA.

In RI, we have a saying “If it is free, it is for me”! How could I resist?

Fast forward a few years, and I have come to learn more about POCA and what it stands for. One giant oxymoron! People of various thoughts coming together as one. A loose knit bunch of individuals, acting as a cohesive unit. Independent clinics, interdependent on all.

POCA provides so much, to so many, it takes a while to fathom.

Helping clinics to really help punks to really help real people, is it, in a nutshell.
And when you peel back the layers, more is exposed at every level!

And it feels damn good to be a part of it!

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