New Planter Beds with DownCity Design!

When we moved into our new building at 1055 Westminster last fall, the projects to get the clinic up and running seemed endless. Now that we have been in our new home over six months (!), it’s time to work on projects that make the outside of our building more beautiful and welcoming.  This spring, we are so excited to be partnering with students from Esek Hopkins School in Providence working with DownCity Design in the creation of custom planters for the front of the clinic!  DownCity Design empowers local youth with design skills in order to make our city better and it has been incredibly fun to work with them.

As always, it takes a community effort to make this beautification project happen.  We are looking for volunteers to help us remove the existing planters, preferably Sunday, May 22nd, Friday May 27th, or Saturday May 28th.  If you are interested, please email us at

We are also looking for an ongoing volunteer to help us with outdoor maintenance and yardwork, including mowing the grassy area by the parking lot, weeding the planters, etc.  If you are interested in contributing to your clinic in this way, send us an email.

Check out pictures below of the DownCity Design students hard at work!













A big thank you to DownCity Design and their students for all they do to make Providence more beautiful (and for choosing to work with our clinic)!

2 responses to “New Planter Beds with DownCity Design!

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  2. COL! I think it is great to get these young adults to engage in community service.
    EVERYONE wins!

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