Increasing Acupuncture Access in RI!

 We are thrilled to celebrate the passage of legislation through the Rhode Island General Assembly that will allow licensed chemical dependency counselors to provide acu-detox care for Rhode Islanders living in recovery. Acu-detox is such a powerful tool with potential to help so many. We find it so gratifying to see our state lawmakers and health care agencies working together to address the challenges of the opioid epidemic.
unanimous nada bill passage

RI House votes unanimously to increase acu access!

The Acu-detox protocol  has been used in a variety of public health settings and has shown to be both an inexpensive and effective tool to help with addiction, pain, and stress. We are so excited for this tool to be available to people and their care providers who are at the frontlines of addressing the epidemic of drug overdose and addiction that affects too many Rhode Islanders.

Many thanks and congratulations to the bill’s primary sponsor Representative Aaron Regunberg, co-sponsors Reps Bennett, McEntee, Shekarchi, Naughton and Chairman McNamara of the House Health, Education & Welfare Committee, Senator Picard and the members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee for supporting this important work.
nada clinic

Community based acudetox clinic

The bill would not have been possible without the passion and determination of Laura Levine, Linda Hurley, the staff and clients from CODAC Behavioral Health, Laura Cooley from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), and Nupur Shridhar from Brown University. We have been honored to partner with all of you to increase acupuncture access in our state.
PCA looks forward to continued collaboration with CODAC and other agencies doing this important work for our community!

Acupuncture Awareness Day at the RI State House



One response to “Increasing Acupuncture Access in RI!

  1. Awesome! This is another major step forward for our clinic and the movement as a whole. The more mainstream Community Acupuncture becomes, the better for all involved! I was glad to help in a little part that day and am glad to see we made a difference! Despite the Governor’s refusal to meet with the participants, the Reps and Senator’s listened/participated and voted correctly! Opening up treatment options to those who are most needy/vulnerable was the right thing to do!

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