$10 Treatments for POCA Members

POCA and PCA– what’s with all this alphabet soup?

At PCA, we are proud members of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) and you can be too!  POCA is a multistakeholder cooperative of clinics like ours, acupunks, patients and community members who love community acupuncture and want to make sure that more and more people have access to it through supporting new and existing clinics and POCA Tech, the only school for community acupuncturists.

You can join POCA any time by following this link. Annual memberships are sliding scale $25 to $100.  You choose what you pay, no questions asked.  In addition to supporting the growth of community acupuncture, you also get a ton of amazing benefits INCLUDING:

$10 treatments at PCA this December!

A free birthday treatment you can use any day of the year!

3 free first treatment cards that can be used at any POCA clinic to share with family and friends!

No new patient fee at any POCA clinic!

Check out POCA’s website for more info about how to join, be part of the community working to get more people more acupuncture, and treat yourself to $10 treatments at PCA all month long.  What’s not to love?

One response to “$10 Treatments for POCA Members

  1. I haven’t been in your new location, I will call you to make an appointment because I really need it, I always recommend you guys, I remember probably 3 years ago I couldn’t walk because I had the sciatica pain so bad, but then a neighbor recommended you guys, it was a lifesaver, I can’t thank enough, thank you for such a great job you do, God Bless you

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