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  1. Doesn’t PCA offer a monthly community accupuncture day that’s free or very low cost once a month?

    • We offer low cost acupuncture 7-days a week with our $15-$35 sliding scale. Many acupuncture practices charge 5x that for a single treatment. We recently had a free day this year;it was on July 4th. Other years we’ve done free days to celebrate May Day, (Fruits of Our) Labor Day, and we offered free treatments to celebrate our 5th and 10th birthdays. We’ll surely do another one of those when we turn 15 in 2021!

      After our upcoming ear acu-technician training we will be holding some free ear acupuncture sessions so that the newly trained acupuncture-techs can practice on real ears. Look back here for more info on those, we’ll be posting the dates soon.

    • Hi Jean- We treat people with TMJ pain all the time. Many folks get good results from acupuncture.
      The best way to see if it will be helpful for you is to come in for some treatments. We’re here 7 days a week.

    • Hi Lori-
      We treat hives and allergies often, usually with good success.
      The best way to see if acupuncture will help with your hives is to try it.

    • HI Carol-

      We don’t usually treat a lot of trigger points on the back or even do a whole lot of trigger point needling at PCA. Sometimes we will use the points on the top of the shoulders or at the base of the skull to help release the muscles in the upper back, but often times we use distal points, on the hands and feet, for this as well. Distal treatment is very effective and for all kinds of pain in the back and on the back of the body.

  2. Will Acupuncture work for Arthritis and other chronic pain? such as feet and hip pain, I also have chronic ringing in the ears, will it help that?

    • Hi- We treat chronic pain due to arthritis and other conditions all the time. It’s probably the thing we most commonly treat.
      Ringing in the ears is something that acupuncture can help. It may diminish the volume or intensity or frequency of the ringing but it depends on a few things including how long you’ve had it and if it’s caused by damage to the ear. The best way to see if acupuncture can help is to come in and try it.

  3. I have chronic back pain and have tried everything under the sun with chiropractic and massage therapy to try to ease the pain. Someone suggested that Acupuncture may help in junction with the other two methods of treatment I’ve been doing and was wondering if this could possible help relax the back muscles enough for my back to heal. Also was told that this could help with minor nerve damage in my arm.

    • Back pain is probably the thing we treat most often. Acupuncture is good for all kinds of muscular, skeletal, and nerve complaints, including pain. Call us if you want to make an appointment to come in. We can probably help. 401-272-2288

  4. Is Acupuncture recommended or helpful for children? I have a 9 year old who has been “diagnosed” with ADHD, he also suffers from Anxiety.

    • We treat kids a bunch. We have special pediatric tools, and acupuncture can be helpful for anxiety. Lots of people come together with their family members for treatments. This is yet another benefit of the community setting.

    • Acupuncture can help with focus and concentration and works well to relieve stress and anxiety. The only real way to know if acupuncture will help you is to try it. Korben is a great “acu-punk” and works along side a team of acupuncturists here at PCA.

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