POCA and POCA Tech

POCA is the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture.  POCA is a cooperative formed by the clinics like PCA, punks, staff, patients, and allied organizations that keep the community acupuncture movement alive and growing.  Joining POCA has many benefits– scroll down for more information!

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PCA is a Clinic Member of POCA and works to support POCA’s mission of making affordable and accessible acupuncture and living wage jobs a reality.  Many of PCA’s patients, community members, and staff are members of POCA Coop.  PCA exists in part because of the support it has received from other community acupuncture clinics through the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) and now through POCA.

Check out this documentary about POCA and the Community Acupuncture Movement, The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged from POCA TV on Vimeo.

Our clinic is one of about 200 other POCA clinics around North America!  We are so happy that the folks who love coming to see us can find clinics elsewhere to refer their friends and family to.

Every May and October, PCA along with other POCA clinics, conduct POCA Membership Drives. While you are welcome to join POCA at anytime, we will be talking more about POCA and the work that POCA Coop does to promote accessible affordable acupuncture during these months especially. Watch for POCA member specials as well.


POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative where all stakeholders (patients, clinics, acu-punks) can come together to promote a common mission: to  spread affordable and accessible health care.

POCA provides direct support to acu-punks and  clinics in the way of peer mentoring, low-interest micro-lending, a huge archive as well as ongoing (online) discussions about every aspect of starting and running a community acupuncture clinics.

POCA patient and community members are an integral part of the movement because POCA clinics depend on their patients to spread the word about affordable community acupuncture.

As a POCA member you can contribute your time and skills as a volunteer either in a local clinic or with POCA’s department circles. Ask us how!

Other  tangible benefits for members include: a free treatment on your birthday, 3 coupons for free-treatments that you can share with friends or family good at any POCA clinic, and waived new patient fees at other POCA clinics.

POCA MEMBERSHIP is $25-$100 annually- no questions asked😉

Please visit the POCA website for more info, or ask us!

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Over the past decade the Community Acupuncture movement has grown significantly so that in 2014 POCA clinics across North America provided over 1 Million treatments! This figure represents close to 1/5 of all acupuncture treatments given in the US last year. Read more about this on the POCA Blog: Prick, Prod and Provoke.


The Community Acupuncture movement was born in Portland, OR at Working Class Acupuncture. An idea to treat multiple people in chairs in a living room making low-cost  treatments possible, has evolved over the last decade to become an international movement that seeks to spread accessible and affordable care along with sustainable, living wage jobs.

The Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) was a web based community forum where fledgling community acupuncture clinics and their self-proclaimed acu-punks (or punks for short) came together to discuss our purpose, declare our dedication to creating a more just and fair world, and to share and sort out information on building and sustaining clinics. From CAN, the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) was born. See the POCA website here for more history and links to some great reading.

Because the demand for punks is high and the supply is low, in 2014  POCA launched POCA Tech- an affordable community acupuncture school based in Portland, OR.  Learn more about POCA Tech at their website and  become a POCA Tech Sustainer or make a tax deductible donation  to POCA Tech (a 501c3 non-profit) here. 

ACUpoca_stampA Technical School for Acupuncturists

The POCA Cooperative is passionate about acupuncture. We know that you can’t learn acupuncture by reading a book; you can only learn it by doing it. We believe acupuncture is a beautiful intervention, especially for marginalized people, and it deserves an entire program devoted to learning to do it well, with skill and with love.

POCA Tech is joyfully dedicated to teaching both the technical skills and practical application of acupuncture, the know-how of working in, creating and sustaining community acupuncture clinics, and the deeper foundations; that is the reasons why community acupuncture is needed. POCA Tech’s comes from a new school of thought that called Liberation Acupuncture. Read more about Liberation Acupuncture here.

1st day of school

Comments posted here appear on our website. Please call 401-272-2288 if you need to make a scheduling change. We do not schedule or cancel appointments via this comment section. Thanks!

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