POCA and POCA Tech

Join the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture

Do you love community acupuncture and want to be part of the cooperative working to make it more accessible for more people WHILE earning awesome freebies?  Join POCA today!

Membership is $25-$100 annually- no questions asked

Why Join POCA?

  • $10 treatments at PCA two months a year (May and December 2017)
  • Free birthday treatment that you can use any time
  • No new patient fees at any of the 200 POCA clinics across North America
  • 3 First Treatment free cards to share with your friends and family, can be used at any POCA clinic
  • Knowing you are helping access to community acupuncture grow: membership dues go towards microloans for new clinics and towards POCA Tech, the technical school for community acupuncturists

Every May and October, PCA along with other POCA clinics, conduct POCA Membership Drives. While you are welcome to join POCA at anytime, we will be talking more about POCA and the work that POCA Coop does to promote accessible affordable acupuncture during these months especially. Watch for POCA member specials as well.

History of PCA and CAN and POCA
Providence Community Acupuncture has been part of the Community Acupuncture movement since its start in 2006. Together with punks, patients, and receptors at clinics like this one, we have built a network of affordable and accessible community acupuncture clinic. When it first began, we called this the Community Acupuncture Network or CAN. CAN grew and transformed into the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture or POCA. POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative with thousands of members that supports the continued growth of existing clinics, the launch of new ones in underserved areas, and who together crowdsourced funds for launching POCA’s own technical training institute, POCA Tech.

POCA Tech is joyfully dedicated to teaching both the technical skills and practical application of acupuncture, the know-how of working in, creating and sustaining community acupuncture clinics, and the deeper foundations; that is the reasons why community acupuncture is needed.  It’s first class (including our very own James) graduated in July 2017.

Check out this documentary about POCA and the Community Acupuncture Movement, The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged from POCA TV on Vimeo.

Our clinic is one of about 200 other POCA clinics around North America!  We are so happy that the folks who love coming to see us can find clinics elsewhere to refer their friends and family to.

Over the past decade the Community Acupuncture movement has grown significantly so that in 2014 POCA clinics across North America provided over 1 Million treatments! This figure represents close to 1/5 of all acupuncture treatments given in the US that year. Read more about this on the POCA Blog: Prick, Prod and Provoke.

One response to “POCA and POCA Tech

  1. Wanted to add a testimonial. I am so glad that I found and pursued POCA. Being treated for arthritis, particularly in ankle and have found so much benefit within the 1st month. Have had treatments with everyone and can’t say enough good! Thank you for being affordable and being such a wonderful, relaxing, beneficial ‘pain free’ atmosphere. Su F

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