Who We Are

OUR MISSION is to provide our community with access to affordable, quality acupuncture and to create living wage jobs for our workers. Together with community acupuncture clinics across the country we plan to make affordable acupuncture  commonplace.

PROVIDENCE COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE has been providing affordable acupuncture in Providence since 2006. Our peaceful, welcoming clinic provided almost 140,000 treatments since then; that’s over 2 million needles!!!  We are a social business and depend solely on our patient fees to support the clinic.  Help us keep providing affordable acupuncture by spreading the word about us and the community acupuncture movement across the country.


It can be a little confusing, but our clinic,  PCA (Providence Community Acupuncture) is part of POCA (The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture.) POCA is an international, cooperative made up of clinics, acu-punks, and patients who want to support  the spread of community acupuncture. For more information and the benefits of joining POCA click here. PCA as a clinic is completely supported by patient fees. POCA, on the other hand is supported by membership dues, which are paid annually. You do not need to join POCA to be a patient at PCA, but if you do, you can take advantage of periodic POCA related specials, and the knowledge that you are supporting people all over the country getting access to care at clinics just like this one.

PCA and CAN and POCA
Providence Community Acupuncture has been part of the Community Acupuncture movement since its start in 2006. Together with punks, patients, and receptors, at clinics like this one, we have built a network of affordable and accessible community acupuncture clinic. When it first began we called this the Community Acupuncture Network or CAN. CAN grew and transformed into the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture or POCA. POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative with thousands of members who together crowdsourced funds for launching POCA’s own technical training institute or POCA Tech. POCA Tech’s first class graduates in July 2017, and represents the first wave of people trained specifically to do community acupuncture, and to bring POCA’s goals of widening access to both acupuncture and acupuncture education, so that many more people, especially those from marginalized communities, can be served by this simple but wonderful medicine.

Learn more about POCA and POCA Tech here and here.